1. If I Were a Pirate

From the album In Search of the Sea


If I were a pirate a darn good pirate I'd be
I wouldn't worry ‘bout saying thank you or please
I'd give up my never ending self apologies
’cause a pirate maybe wrong but they're never sorry

If I plundered for a living, I'd plunder mighty well
sea monsters wouldn't scare me and neither would hell
whatever job I have, I work hard at it
so if it's a scallywag then I'll be the best scallywag yet

So weigh anchor on the starboard side
I got no time to wait for the tide
with my hands on the wheel and my crew at the ropes
we'll sail forbidden seas
and land on barbarous coasts

My friends would all laugh and say she'll quit in a week
cause they never heard me cuss or take a drink stronger than tea
while rum is a must for a pirate you see

My daddy would disown me, the cops would put me in jail
My mama wouldn't understand I'd have to set sail
but a good pirate knows that it's only the sea
that will take in a pirate and let him be who he was made to be