1. Ireland

From the album In Search of the Sea


The day the tide took Paddy Coyle
Sailing from Irish soil
The heather on the Armagh hill
Shivered cold and stood so still
The day the tide took Paddy Coyle

She packed up the sea and put it in her bag
The hills she stuffed underneath her hat
The rain, the rain, she checked onto the plane
But the customs man, wouldn’t let her in

A tragic day it seemed a sin
The land had lost more Irish kin
Every tide took more and more
Her sons and daughters shipping shore

In the night I see so clear
The hills my father held so dear
But like a widow with children grown
And now so quickly leaving home
No man’s an island we all have friends,
But Paddy left Ireland

And the sun still breaks on Armagh hill
And the sea still shakes the rock and the sand
But the flighty feet of the restless young
Are dancing in other lands

She tucked the castles under her shirt
The Cliffs of Moher inside of her purse
The tea the tea she threw in with the sea
And laughed and ran past security

Paddy Coyle she flew away
To find her home and find her place
But from inside her heart and her suitcase
Can’t you hear the island, trying to escape