1. Monk

From the album In Search of the Sea


I know you want to be a monk
But I want you to know I think you’re a hunk
If ever by land or by dale or by sea
You’d like to run away with me,
I’ll be waiting outside of the monastery at dawn
I’ll sneak to not wake up old Father John
People underestimate a good ole’ fashion run-away...

I know I must sound like a fool
But I’m begging you put down St. Benedict Rules
I don’t mean to yell or to rant
But can’t you give up Gregorian chants
and give me a chance?

I heard of ol’ Delilah when I went to Sunday School for a while
but I’m not trying to cut your hair boy, I want to make you smile
don’t know much about the Holy Book or the Song of Songs
but I know that Solomon said lovin’ somebody so much ain’t wrong

I’m not trying to make you stop
But Maria gave up her habits for the Capt’n Von Trapp
Climb every mountain ford every stream find your dream
you are my dream

I know that as a monk a wife they won’t permit
so come with me, I’ll make you a husband instead of a hermit
before you walk the aisle and make the final pledge,
just say your solemn vows to me, instead of God…

Can’t you give up Gregorian chants
and give me a chance?